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1. The affiliate program allows you to share our multiple vendors products and services, and get access to 50% OFF our entire "amazon" type of marketplace & you will earn 50% profits for life when you refer customers, PLUS, YOU GET a lifetime membership to start grow and sell products & services in VR on The VR Hub App where you will also earn unlimited 25% lifetime recurring monthly and yearly commissions on multiple products from multiple users AND you will have access to earn from every new revolutionary technologies people are using to save time and money! No wonder people are getting addicted to this!

2. Plus you will earn unlimited 15% lifetime shopping cart check-out commissions from your referred affiliates for life when they continue to make purchases in our "Amazon like" marketplace, AND all of the people they bring on you will get 5% from the  products they buy. We feature weekly launches of brand new men’s, women’s, children clothing products, plus all of your daily use home & living products!

3. We also pay you $0.01 up to $1 per lead that you generate to our email capture pages and your 25% commissions payments will be sent to you every Monday for the lifetime of your referred customers purchases.


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